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How does one get more film audition opportunities? The first option is to be recommended by others - if you are a little experienced - and want to go to the next level. Talent agencies, agents and managers have the inside scoop on auditions for movies, so they know before the general public. Those talent agencies and agents can help you prepare for an audition, as they know a little already about the movie and the casting director. If you have a good agency, the casting director knows them, and respects them, giving you as a client of them, incredible benefits, then you can surely get the film auditions and movie casting opportunities you want.

More can be said about finding the suitable and correct talent agency, but actually it is all summed up in a short sentence: don't pay before any promise is completed. A legitimate agent works on a commission basis, so no cure, no pay. Take care and beware. Don't let any one rip you off!

The alternative is to go look for your self to find film auditions and feature film casting notices. The internet is a great resource for it. A lot of notices are posted all over the web. And it's not limited to large studios. Also student films and low profile productions can be reached this way. These films are a great way to build your reel. They may not your ultimate goal, but very important in the race to the silver screen. This kind of experience will help your talent agent (which you can get later on) to land you movie auditions just for the films you are looking for. In the meantime, take advantage of all the opportunities that you can manage, and get your name and face out there. Build your reel, your credits and your credibility. Start today and make your Hollywood dream a reality.

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